Palacios ISD Distinguished Alumni Awards Program

Guidelines and Procedures:

Purpose of the Distinguished Alumni Awards Program

To recognize and honor former graduates of the Palacios Independent School District whose achievements, strength of character and citizenship serve as models to inspire and challenge today’s students.

Goal 1: To honor Palacios ISD graduates who have distinguished themselves, and in doing so, brought honor and/or positive recognition to our school district and community.

Goal 2: To bring positive attention and publicity to the quality of Palacios ISD by highlighting successful graduates.

Distinguished Alumni Awards Committee

The Awards Committee shall be a standing committee of 9 members

  1. Six Palacios High School Graduates,
  2. One Board member,
  3. Two Palacios residents.

Each committee member shall serve for a three (3) year term, with terms running from the conclusion of one Graduation Ceremony through the implementation of the next Graduation Ceremony. Three (3) members shall rotate off each year. The Palacios ISD Board of Trustees shall name the new committee members. Past committee members must be off the committee for one year before re-election.

The Superintendent of Palacios ISD and the High School Principal shall serve as ex-officio members of the Committee, without voting rights. The Committee with majority rule will appoint replacements for vacant unexpired terms. The Palacios ISD shall maintain all records or files and act as archivist for the Distinguished Alumni Awards Program.

Nominating Procedure

  1. Any person may submit a nomination for consideration to the Distinguished Alumni Awards Committee.
  2. Submittal of the completed nomination form provided by the Distinguished Alumni Awards Committee is required.
  3. Nominations will be accepted until 4:00 p.m. on the last school day in February.

Nomination forms are available on line at or Palacios ISD Administration Building reception desk, or a nomination form may be requested in writing to: Palacios ISD Alumni Nomination, 1209 Twelfth Street, Palacios 77465.

The committee is not responsible for nominations lost in the mail, delivered to the wrong location, not legible, missing pertinent information, or those received after the nominating deadline.

Eligibility for Awards

  1. The Distinguished Alumni Award shall be open to any alumnus or alumna who graduated from Palacios High School and is at least forty-five (45) years of age at the time of nomination. Awards for alumni will be given for achievement in various fields of service including, but not limited to, the fine or performing arts, business, education, entertainment, law, medicine, military, philanthropy, politics, public service, religion, scholarship and science.
  2. Awards may be given posthumously and, in such instances, there shall be no age requirement.
  3. No current member of the Distinguished Alumni Awards Committee shall be eligible for an Award.
  4. Current employees, or current Board Members of the district, are not eligible for consideration. Former students, teachers, administrators, Board Members who are Palacios ISD graduates are eligible, but all employees do not become eligible until they are former employees.

Selection Procedure

  1. The Distinguished Alumni Awards Committee shall receive and review each nomination. Award Honorees shall then be selected by the Distinguished Alumni Awards Committee. No fewer than five Distinguished Alumni Awards Committee members shall be present for this selection. Proxies shall not be permitted.
  2. In each year, no more than two (2) awards can be given.
  3. The Distinguished Alumni Awards Committee reserves the right to reject any or all nominations.
  4. Individuals nominated for an award and not chosen, shall remain nominees for two (2) additional years; after which, the nomination may be resubmitted for consideration.

Formal Notification and Receipt of an Award

  1. Following the Distinguished Alumni Awards Committee balloting, each Award Honoree shall receive a letter informing the Honoree of his or her election. Each Award Honoree shall submit a brief personal statement/acceptance, and a condensed version of career highlights.
  2. The award must be accepted in person or as approved by the Superintendent. Posthumous Awards shall be accepted by a member of the designee’s immediate family or by a person deemed acceptable to the Superintendent.
  3. Recognition will be made during the graduation ceremony each year and honorees’ will receive an award.


Nomination forms will be held for consideration for two years following the original submission date. If nominee is not selected for the current year, the application will automatically be considered during the next two award periods.