Conflict Form

Texas Ethics Commission/Government Conflict Forms

House Bill 914, passed during the 79th Texas Legislative Session, requires disclosure of certain relationships with local government officers'.  Now included as a requirement in Chapter 176, of the Texas Local Government Code, school board members and the superintendent are required to file a sworn conflicts disclosure statement with regard to persons who conduct certain business with the school district, including persons or their agents who contract or seek to contract for the sale or purchase of property goods or services.

A person conducting or seeking to conduct business with the school district is required to file a conflict-of-interest questionnaire with district'™s records administrator not later than the seventh business day after the person begins contract negotiations or discussions with the district or submits an application, response to a request for proposals or bids, correspondence, or other writing related to a potential agreement.  The district is required to provide access to the filed statements and questionnaires on its Web site


Required Forms