2017 Erate RFP’s

A link to download a copy of the RFP can be found below

E-Rate Program 2017 RFP

(July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018)

Form 470 Application Number: 170074159

Category 1 – Lit or Dark Fiber and Modulating Equipment / Internet Port Service


Q & A:

Q:  Could you please tell me the deadline to turn in proposals?

A:  All proposals must be received no later than 5pm CST April 19, 2017

Q:  I also need the address to the warehouse and the Junior high.

A:  The address of our warehouse facility is 1209 12th St, Palacios, Texas 77565.  Our Junior High is part of our Secondary campus which shares some facilities with the High School.

Form 470 Application Number: 170074210

Category 2 – Edge Router and Firewall Equipment


Q & A:

Q:  USERS-DEVICES / BANDWIDTH – I read in your RFP that you will have 1500 students and 150 staff/teachers. Can you please confirm the number of devices you expect to be used concurrently, and the speed / specs of the expected internet connection the firewall will serve when it is activated? If I’m not mistaken, it looked like this is going to be 10 Gbps. Is that correct?

A:  We will be pursuing a one-to-one initiative and estimate our device count to be in the neighborhood of 1000 devices.  Our firewall will be located at our datacenter and will connect to the internet through a 1.5Gbps data circuit..

Q:  SANDBOXING / ENCRYPTED TRAFFIC – I also saw in the RFP that CIPA level security is required, but do you want us to include a quote that will allow the inspection of a portion (or all) encrypted traffic into your network? (HTTPS traffic, TOR browsing outside the content filtering function, within your network, malware downloaded via an encrypted connection, etc.)?

A:  Yes, we would like a quote that will allow for the inspection of all encrypted traffic into our network.

Q:  PHYSICAL INSTALLATION – Finally, our standard installation consists of a detailed pre-configuration that allows us to make any and all necessary configuration changes via the internet. The unit arrives at your location via freight and once unboxed, is plugged into an a/c power source and your main network switch via the Ethernet port. We guarantee its functionality to your specifications with this method. Our support personnel can guide anyone, even non-technical personnel, through this simple process. In accordance with our low equipment pricing, we offer this service primarily to save out-of-pocket costs for schools.

A:  Your standard installation as described will be sufficient.


April 19, 2017



Robert Fiorini
Palacios Independent School District
1209 12th Street, Palacios, Texas 77465
361.972.5491 ext. 1016