Education Foundation


The Palacios ISD Educational Foundation was created as a non-profit entity for the benefit of students at Palacios ISD.  The Foundation is currently funded by gifts from NRG Energy, and provides scholarships to graduating seniors from Palacios High School.  This year, the scholarships are offered to seniors in the amount of $500 multiplied times their number of qualifying years at Palacios High School (max of $2000).  Details of the scholarship are listed on the application form.

Completed applications are due to the school district each year no later than the last Friday in April.

Scholarship Guidelines

Scholarships will be granted each year to qualifying seniors who graduate from Palacios ISD.

Scholarships are not competitive – all students that apply and meet the criteria will receive a scholarship.



The goals of this scholarship program are:

  1. To encourage and enable students to obtain education beyond high school.
  2. To encourage high student attendance at Palacios High School.
  3. To encourage and reward good conduct during the students’ time at Palacios High School.



Each of these goals is supported by the criteria set out below, which will be used to qualify a student for scholarships.

Criteria to qualify for these scholarships are:

  1. Applicant must have been enrolled the entire school year to qualify for that year.
  2. Applicant must have met the High School’s attendance guidelines each year to qualify for that year.
  3. Placement in disciplinary AEP will disqualify the year of placement from the applicant’s total award.



The amount awarded to each student will be the number of qualifying years multiplied by the yearly scholarship amount set by the Foundation Board.  For example, if a student qualifies for all four years, and the amount set by the board is $500, then the student will receive a $2000 scholarship.



Scholarships may be used to pay for the listed expenses related to pursuing a post-secondary education at any university, community college or trade school.

Expenses are:

  1. Tuition and related fees
  2. Housing
  3. Books and materials

Payments will be made either to the institution or to the recipient (or recipient’s parent) as a reimbursement for an original paid receipt.