Useful Websites for Parents and Educators of Gifted and Talented Children  

Virtual Tours  (Newly added 2-24-21)
Stuck at Home?  These 12 Famous Museums Offer Virtual Tours You Can Take on Your Couch 
This site has a variety of differentiated activities across content areas. It is full of resources and also has a  section for parents and kids. 
This site is awesome! It has interactive websites grouped by grade level (K-8) and content area. My  favorite!! 
Another interactive site for students K-8 across content areas 
The Odyssey of the Mind site offers many ideas to foster creative thinking in your classroom. The “Practice  Problems” and “Classroom Activities” sections could be used with all of your students. 
This site provides information on the special needs of gifted youth, special programs available, and other  topics in gifted education. Children will find contests, reading lists, and entertaining activities. This site has  something for everyone. 
Articles about gifted education  

Science:  (Newly added 2-24-21)
Shows a video every week that inspires your students to ask questions   (Newly added 2-24-21)
An online National Geographic platform 
Science content vocabulary hangman |
National Geographic online
Interactive science activities
Offers a variety of science resources and games  

Reading:  (Newly added 2-24-21)
Squiggle Park for Reading skill building for ages 3-8+ and Dreamscape is Reading Comprehension for ages 8 to 15+  (Newly added 2-24-21)
Storyline provides stories read online by celebrities 
Literacy instruction resources that go along with popular children’s books 
Reading lists for a large variety of topics/genres  

Writing:  (Newly added 2-24-21)
Learn Touch Typing for Free

Math:  (Newly added 2-24-21)
Make learning math fun at home or at school  (Newly added 2-24-21)
Students practice at their own pace, first filling in gaps in their understanding and then accelerating their learning. 
Interactive math activities |
Math games  

Social Studies:  (Newly added 2-24-21)
Free History network for kids 

*Also refer to websites in “Parent Information” section for general information on gifted and talented  children.