Central Elementary will be conducting a “lock down” drill on Thursday, November 16th @ 9:00 AM. During the drill, a sign will be posted on the front door alerting visitors of the drill.   All outside access doors into the campus will be locked and no one will be allowed into the building until the completion of the drill.  The drill should last no more than 15-20 minutes. We appreciate your cooperation as we work to insure the safety and security of our children.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Central Elementary @ 361-972-2911.
On Friday, November 10th, Palacios POWER SET traveled to College Station, Texas to visit Essentium Materials and Texas A&M University. Essentium Materials is a multi-faceted company that is,  “…passionate about developing new and better materials and changing the business paradigm for high-tech companies.” They not only produce filament for 3-D printing, but they have also created the Fusebox, “The first step in the FlashFuse™ process is attaching a Fusebox™ to a printer. With this addition the printer is now compatible with FlashFuse™ Filament, making isotropric prints possible on any FuseBox™ enabled platform.” As a company committed to helping those in need, they use their materials and machines to produce high-quality, low-cost prosthetics for patients. POWER SET members toured their facilities and met with Blake and Elisa Tiepel, the President and COO respectively, of the company. After leaving Essentium, POWER SET traveled to the campus of Texas A&M University where they created magnetic slime with graduate students in the Chemistry department, and then attended a Nursing School presentation for future students geared specifically towards current high school students.
On Monday, October 30th, WIT (Workforce Industry Training) of Palacios High School had its first induction. This being the first year to have an induction, WIT inducted its 23 returning members from last year as well as 16 new members for the 2017-2018 school year. This is a total of 39 members which is the largest the organization has ever been. Mr. Thomas Castanon, graduate of PHS, WIT Alumni, and a senior at Texas A&M University Kingsville was our guest speaker for the evening. Back row – L-R – Timothy Kessler, Tyson Nguyen, David Cruz, Zach Seaman, Javier Figirova, Clayton Stuhrenberg, Jackson Engel, Jamie Gatica, Matthew Aparicio Middle Row – L-R – Daniel Castanon, Trey Durio, Salvador Carrillo, Erin Claudon, Noah Zamarripa, Katy Brown, Jonathan Segovia, Morgan Segovia, Daniel Zamora, Samantha Hernandez, Joe Pena, Elizabeth Mancera, Steven Phan, Justin Vu, Jesus Mancera, Brenda Mancera, Jordan Nguyen Front Row – L-R – Kean Tran, Alysha Jasek, Jannifer Le, Hannah Tran, Allisa Loftin, Shelby Wilson, Hailey Fuentes, Alyssa Acosta, Alondra Rubio, Samantha Garcia Not Pictures – Elizabeth Ortiz, Lanae Tucker, Brooke Carpenter
The Palacios High School National Honor Society chapter inducted 22 new members at their annual induction ceremony Monday, October 23. These new members join the current members bringing the chapter’s total membership to 37 outstanding students. Front row from left: Kayla Vu, Hannah Tran, Kaitlyn Marroquin, Shelby Wilson, Dorothy Nguyen, and Samantha Garcia. Middle row from left: Justin Vu, Samantha Hernandez, Lanae Tucker, Katie Nguyen, Jordan Nguyen, Kelsey Marroquin, and Salvador Carrillo. Back row from left: Noah Zamarripa, Timothy Kessler, Jackson Engel, Garrison Kelley, Maria Muniz, Daniel Castanon, Maria Hurtado, Brooke Vandenbergh, and Matthew Aparicio.
PHS Aquatic Science students enjoyed on a field trip in East Matagorda Bay where they collected data for the Lower Colorado River Authority by participating in a coastal investigation comparative study.
Effective November 1, 2017 the Palacios ISD Tax Office will no longer be mailing tax receipts unless you enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your payment.
On Thursday, October 12th, Palacios POWER SET visited the South Texas Project to tour the training facility, simulator, and resevoir, as well as meet with their mentors. POWER SET members are mentored by professional women who work in a variety of fields and departments at STP. L to R, Back row:   Carmen Serrato, Chelsea Campbell, Karla Goytia, Maria Hurtado, Brooke Vandenbergh, Avery  Kubecka, Quynh Nguyen, Mai Nguyen, Rachel White, Lili Vu, Tamara Perez, Christina Peterson, Jessica Muniz, Bailey Grones   L to R, Middle Row:  Olivia Filip, Sarah Tran, Katie Nguyen, Kayla Vu, Summer Brandstatt, Maria Muniz, Priscilla Nguyen, Dorothy Nguyen, Montserrat Garcia, Lisa Nguyen, Lupita Mancera, Kaitlynn Marroquin, Erika Espinosa   Front Row, L to R (STP Mentors):  Michelle Smith, Ashley Toth, Fatima Yilmaz, Wendy Brost, Courtney Cortez, Elizabeth Castanon, Brenda Verbeck, Kathy VanDaalen
On Monday, September 25th, nine new members of POWER SET were inducted for the 2017-2018 school year, bringing the total for this school year to 27 members. Ms. Kathleen Van Daalen, a Licensing Engineer and Health Physicist interacting with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission at STP, was the guest speaker for the evening. She has been a vital part of POWER SET from its inception, working tirelessly as the mentor coordinator. She has helped establish mentoring relationships between POWER SET members and professionals at STP for 10 years. Front row, L to R - Inductees:  Quynh Nguyen, Karla Goytia, Chelsea Cambell, Sara Tran, Avery Kubecka, Guadalupe Mancera, Maria Serrato, Olivia Filip, and Mai Nguyen. Middle Row, L to R - Current Members:  Erika Espinosa, Lisa Nguyen, Jessica Muniz, Maria Muniz, Katie Nguyen, Lili Vu, Montserrat Garcia, Priscilla Nguyen, Dorothy Nguyen, Kayla Vu, and Kaitlyn Marroquin Back row, L to R - Current Members:   Bailey Grones, Maria Hurtado, Christina Peterson, Tamara Perez, Summer Brandstatt, Brooke Vandenberg, and Rachel White  
If you are a resident of Palacios ISD and age 65 or older you are entitled to a Senior Athletic Pass. This pass will allow one general admission seat to attend home athletic events. To receive your pass you must bring proof of age and residency to the Administration Office starting August 1st at 1209 Twelfth Street between the hours of 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Palacios powerlifting competed at Victoria West this past Saturday. There were about 200 lifters at the meet and with more than half of the schools being 5A the Sharks and Sharkettes competed well.
Competing for the Sharkettes were:
Marian Gomez placed 4th in the 105 pound weight class with a 545 pound composite.
Meylynn Le competed in the 105 pound weight class with a 415 pound composite.
Sarah Dinh competed in the 105 pound weight class with a 405 pound composite.
Karina Ramon placed 1st in the 165 pound weight class with a 890 pound composite.
Delia Lopez competed in the 165 pound weight class with a 615 pound composite.
Gisella Chavez competed in the 165 pound weight class with a 460 pound composite.
Miranda Fuentes placed 5th in the 259 pound weight class with a 650 pound composite.
Cristina Peterson competed in the 259 pound weight class with a 640 pound composite.
Competing at the meet for the Sharks were:
Tyler Le placed 3rd in the 132 pound weight class with a 970 pound composite.
Trey Chaves competed in the 132 pound weight class.
Nathan Nguyen competed in the 148 pound weight class with a 595 pound composite.
Morgan Segovia competed in the 181 pound weight class with a 1125 pound composite.
Michael Flores competed in the 181 pound weight class with a 930 pound composite.
Dominc Garcia placed 2nd in the 198 pound weight class with a 1335 pound composite.
Elijah Edwards placed 4th in the 198 pound weight class with a 1270 pound composite.
Adam Nguyen competed in the 198 pound weight class with a 1120 pound composite.
Ethan Carr competed in the 242 pound weight class with a 850 pound composite.
Cesar Jimenz 5th in the 220 pound weight class with a 1180 pound composite.
Jaedon Hinchliffe placed 4th in the 275 pound weight class with a 1125 pound composite.
Powerlifters will have the next two weeks to improve as there next meet with be January 28 at industrial.

Source: High School