School Health Advisory Council

Palacios ISD has adopted and enforces policies and procedures that prescribe penalties for the use of e-cigarettes, as defined at Education Code 38.006, and tobacco products by students and other on school campuses or at school-sponsored or school-related activities.  Refer to Board Policies DH and GKA.

2017-18 Members:

Amy Kubecka (Parent & Chair)

Amber Weedle (Parent)

Katie Gilbert (Parent)

Sarentha Kessler (Parent)

Laura Sweet (Parent)

Cara Herlin (Community Member)

Vanessa Kunefke (Community Member)

Cassandra Austin (Palacios HUB

Mirna Sanchez (MEHOP)

Colleen LaBar (Tx. Dept. of State Health Services)


Lisa Harper (School Nurse)

Diane Koop (School Nurse)

Buddy Kelley (Principal)

Carolyn Kubecka (District Admin.)

Candy Gifford (Food Services)

Rita Kocurek (Teacher)

Jeff Doege (Athletic Director)