Sharkette Powerlifting

Karina Ramon completed her powerlifting career with a fourth place finish at the state meet. As this was her fourth trip to the state powerlifting meet. She squatted 335 pounds, bench pressed 225 pounds and dead lifted 335 pounds for a 895 pound composite. The day started off bad for Karina.  On her opening attempt of squat the side spotter grabbed the bar before the completion of the lift and she was awarded a re-lift.  Within 4 minutes she was back under her opening squat in which she got all the way to the top and started to fall backwards.  You could hear the crowd of about 5,000 sign in concern as she was falling; thankfully the spotters grabbed the bar and stopped her fall before she was hurt.  What was impressive was Karina never let go of the bar.  By rule had she let go of the bar she could have possibly been disqualified from competition.  I knew Karina was physically and mentally tough but that proved it said Coach Mullenix.  She got her squat on the next attempt and then moved on to bench press where she got her personal best of 225 pounds.  Coming into the dead lift she was in threat to drop to fifth place but Karina held her ground and held onto her fourth place finish. Karina was also awarded a $1000.00 scholarship from the THSWPA.  This takes work on her part as she has to apply by filling out paper work, supply an essay, supplying transcripts and getting a teacher and a coach to write a letter of recommendation.  Karina thanks those that helped her in this process.